Water Only

This is the simplest 'No Poo' method, as it just involves the use of water to wash your hair. And it costs nothing!

It is advisable to warm the water before washing your hair in order to clean away the excessive oil on your scalp and hair. In order to benefit from this method, you need to practice regularly. It may not work at first, but with time your hair gets used to this cleaning method and the oil buildup will eventually go away after a few weeks.

You might be surprised how easy it is to clean your hair using water alone. Water is generally best for people who have a normal scalp. People with more oily skin may require some more ingredients in order to clean the oil buildup, and this is where baking soda comes in.

After washing your hair with water only, you will need to wash the oil off your fingers with soap, and off your comb or brush. This is normal, but only needed for the first few days.

How to succeed: washing your hair with water only

Set yourself a date, best to aim for 30 days. Just one month ahead, as its known to take about one month to change a habit for good. Yes, in just one month all this will be such a non issue and you'll never be using shampoo again.

(spoiler alert: you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it doesn't take that long)

Mark that date in whatever calendar you use, then start to wash your hair daily with water only.

Top Essential Tips:

  • Pretend you are using shampoo, do everything the same, just omit the shampoo.
  • The first three days are the toughest, your hair will be oily no doubt about that, and you will feel it getting oilier every day.
  • Your hair will feel more oily than it looks and thats important to know.
  • As you wash your hair with water only, you will feel like you are accomplishing nothing, but you are! Don't give up here. Check your calendar.
  • After washing your hair with water only, you will need to wash the oil off you fingers with soap. This is normal, but only for the first few days.
  • Don't try to wash all the oil out of your hair. Wash your hair in the same way and for the same amount of time as you would have with shampoo, after that amount of time is up, just rinse and leave it.
  • Remember, in the first week this will feel yucky uncomfortable, that's normal.
  • People can't see what you feel.
  • Be patient, be confident be determined.
  • Remind yourself that these first few days are supposed to be the toughest, you're expecting that. You can do this.
  • Here's a trick: distract yourself with some other gruesome task, lawns need attention, spring cleaning throughout your home, write that novel, whatever, just keeping yourself preoccupied with other things helps.
  • Towards day four (maybe a little later for some) you will start to feel a difference, the difference is that the build up of oil you feel will start to be less, by this I mean, not increasing on a daily level, This may vary depending on your hair type and length, but it will happen. don't give up here, you're nearly there.
  • Remain focused on your end date, it takes time, remember your commitment. Towards the end of week one the worst is over. Not only is your hair less oily, (for some, not producing more oil on a daily basis) but there is an enormous level of self satisfaction. ”…I'm actually doing this…”
  • As the days roll into weeks you will start to become disinterested in the whole thing, washing your hair with water only is normal. The rest of your work/life issues will take over.
  • For most people, it only takes about two weeks and its just normal to wash your hair with water only.