For those with drier hair pursuing the No Poo lifestyle can be a frizzy subject. But, these natural conditioner "No Poo" friendly recipes will leave your hair better off than store bought conditioners:

Coconut Oil

If you've heard anything about the coconut oil craze you might have guessed this one. This oil has so many health properties (and cooking opportunities) built in that it is well worth the purchase. It is incredibly rich in vitamins and natural plant fats that your hair will love. It is particularly rich in Vitamin E which supports scalp and follicle health! Brushing coconut oil through your hair after a No Poo method wash is a great way to create volume, and style!

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Olive Oil

You may not be in Rome, but that doesn't mean you can't do what the Romans did; Olive Oil has been used for centuries (since Ancient Roman times) as a natural moisturizer and conditioner! Starting small is best as to not over-oil. Use a tablespoon or two, and adjust as necessary for your hair's condition; this method is excellent for those with drier hair, and drier scalps, as it contains high concentrations of vitamins A and K!

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Foods High in Natural Oils

If these don't suit your hair's needs, there is a multitude of "hair mask" type recipes for a No Poo Conditioner to be made with everyday food items. These recipes typically include ingredients like avocados which contain Vitamin E (like coconut oil) for scalp health, and hair protection; bananas which contain (you guessed it) potassium for hair strength; cantaloupe which contains Vitamin B and B8 (aka inositol) which promote hair growth; as well as cucumbers which contain Vitamin A for hair growth and Vitamin C for scalp protection and collagen development! These ingredients are a great place to start developing a mask that works for your hair's specific needs, or a jumping off point to look up an existing recipe!