Shampoos are manufactured using chemicals, some of which can be damaging to your hair. The solvents used to manufacture shampoo can leave your scalp dry and vulnerable to attacks by bacteria. This is because the solvents used to make some shampoos aren't the best things for your general health. Some solvents have been found to possess early aging properties. A good example is alcohol, which promotes the development of brown spots that are attributed to early aging.

Mineral oil is a popular ingredient in chemical based shampoos. This ingredient leads to the clogging of your skin pores, thus interfering with the functioning of the hair follicles. When these pores are blocked, the natural hair growth cycle is also disrupted and the result is the development of weak, discolored hair. it can even prevent the growth of your hair. Excessive oil is not good for your skin since it needs some space to breathe and manufacture new cells.