Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective for washing away oil buildup on your scalp and hair. One tablespoonful of baking soda is enough for a single wash. Dissolve it in a cup of water until all the gritty texture disappears.

Apply the solution on your hair and massage gently. Rub your hair the same way you rub your regular shampoo, until it feels smooth. Since baking soda has no soap base, there will be no lather. When you are through, rinse off your hair under the shower.

Your scalp produces natural oil and so there may be no need for conditioning. However, baking soda can leave your hair very dry and give your scalp a scaly look, and so you may consider applying a moisturizer on your hair. Baking soda is good for people who have an oily scalp. People who have a dry scalp may need to consider using extra ingredients, and this is where apple cider vinegar comes in.