Curly Hair

Curly hair has a different texture than straight hair. It's more porous and tends absorb anything that the hair comes in contact with. A lot of people with curly hair grow it long too, and that older hair at the bottom has been through more both environmentally and through the use of shampoo over a longer period. For curly hair a modified procedure is recommended. These steps are still shampoo-free and natural but there are some differences that curly hair can benefit from.

  • Before washing your hair with baking soda, melt a little coconut oil in your hands and gently dab some through the curls. It will prevent the baking soda from being absorbed as much by the curly hair's porousness and help keep the curls intact.
  • Just use plain water only]] to clean curly hair more often. Water does a pretty good job of cleaning hair despite the habits many have developed after years of using shampoos.
  • When baking soda is used, concentrate on the scalp and rinse quickly.
  • Apple cider vinegar is an important step with curly hair. Dilute the vinegar with less water. If your hair is long, gather the ends together and dip as much of the hair as you can into the bowl of the vinegar solution as a final step in the cleansing process.
  • After cleansing the No Poo way, avoid rubbing the hair vigorously. Instead wrap a clean t-shirt around the head to absorb the water and leave for about thirty minutes. You can also use a long sleeve t-shirt tying it around the head with the sleeves to secure the shirt better, called "plopping."
  • Have a good leave-in conditioner on hand to control the frizz curly hair is more prone to.