Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes can be much more effective for “No Poo” hair care regimens than their nylon cousins. Boar hairs are similar to the texture of fine-to-medium human hair. This makes them excellent for natural conditioning, cleaning and styling.

Unlike those on traditional brushes, soft boar bristles are fewer in number. They are also more densely packed. This arrangement gives “No Poo Method” practitioners a few advantages. Each one not only eliminates excess build-up but also promotes overall hair health:

  • With gentle strokes down the length of the hair, boar bristles help redistribute the scalp’s natural oils. Continued daily use can increase shine as the sebum coats the hair strands from root to tip. This can reduce split ends, frizz and make the hair softer.
  • The brush unclogs, massages and stimulates the scalp with each use. One benefit is that it can trigger a balance of oil production when the scalp is too dry. It also can increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the area. Together, this promotes growth.
  • The hair and scalp remain more clean and healthy through the removal of shed hairs, skin, dust and dirt.

Pre-dating shampoo, the boar bristle brush is a centuries-old tool built for perfect "No Poo" maintenance. However, there are few things to consider for the best results.

These hairbrushes come in a variety of sizes and levels of stiffness. Be sure to find a style that suits your individual needs.

Since natural bristles are less rigid than nylon, detangling can create more knots. Therefore, "No Poo" hair should only be detangled using fingers, a wide-tooth comb or a wooden bristle paddle brush.

Note that boar hair can also introduce more static during styling. To eliminate such issues, gently scrunch or pat the hair until the static decreases.